American Legion Wayne Miner Post 149

Wayne Miner was a Buffalo Solider in the 92nd Infantry Division. The motto of the 92nd was: "Deeds, Not Words." The shoulder patch was a charging buffalo. Comments from Commanding General John "Blackjack" Pershing: " This division is one of the best in the AEF." Miner's 366th Infantry was cited for bravery by both American and French officers. His company commander, 1st Lt. William H. Clark from Kansas City Ks, said: "He was a highly cultured and courageous soldier, respected by the entire company of 250 men."

Kansas City American Legion Post Number 149 was organized and named in honor of Private Wayne Miner. According to an article titled, "Negroes Form a Legion Post," in September 20, 1919 edition of the Kansas City (Mo.) Star: " the first Negro post of the American Legion was formed last night at the War Camp Community Club, [northwest corner] 18th and Vine Street. There are approximately 600 Negro former servicemen in the City and all of them are urged to enroll in this post. Homer Roberts, post commander; J.H. Crutchfield, vice commander; William Edwards, Adjutant; J.G. Driver, finance officer; William Anderson, chaplain; A.O. Mitchell, historian. Roberts was also elected a delegate to the State convention." 

A few Brave Distinguihed Legends of their time

Pvt.Wayne Miner

African-American Hero of World War I. A large housing development is named in his honor 

Lt. Colonel Charles A. Gates

Tank Commander, World War II. First African-American Company Commanderof the Missouri National Guard unit. Street in Camp Clark/ Nevada, Mo. named in his honor.

Homer B. Roberts, WW I

First Commander of Wayne Miner Post 149. First African-American to own an automobile dealership in Kansas City, Mo.

Carl Johnson, Esq. WWI

Civil rights leader, national fraternity leader. First African-American to be elected a judge on the KCMO Municipal Court, NAACP award given in his honor.